The evolution of technology

When internet was created everything that was available online was permanent and instantiated at the same time. Space and time fundamentally change but it’s to dimension.

As seen on the previous post – Web 2.0, refers to a grouping of capabilities, technology, business models and philosophies which allows people to interact with each other in the social media with an open communication, dialogue, real time, personal participation in the life of the information, creation, sharing evolution.

Week 3- Web 2.0
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Blogging and its role in social media

With reference to my previous posts we have now known what social media is and the different examples of it, in this post you will have the opportunity to understand a bit more of one example of Social media- Blogging.

So… What is blogging? And what is the role of blogging in social media?

I have found a very interesting video on Youtube explaining a bit more about what is a blog and I thought I share it with you to start with it. I also found it as very useful to me, as it’s the first blog that I’ve ever created… I hope you will like it as much as I did 🙂

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The interaction of social media, business and socio-technology

Nowadays social media plays a big role all around the world as it helps people to stay connected with each other wherever they are. We can stay connected, interacting with our family and friends across long distances with the use of the social media, all you need is stay connected via the internet. It also helps business to use the sources of social media to stay connected with their clients/ stakeholders.

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