The interaction of social media, business and socio-technology

Nowadays social media plays a big role all around the world as it helps people to stay connected with each other wherever they are. We can stay connected, interacting with our family and friends across long distances with the use of the social media, all you need is stay connected via the internet. It also helps business to use the sources of social media to stay connected with their clients/ stakeholders.

People have always relied in communication to stay linked and to strengthen their relationships when face-to-face discussions are impossible or inconvenient. One of the first methods were the use of letters, which, in my opinion is such a great way to express your love to someone, spending a few moments writing and thinking about the person.

Then in 1792, the telegraph was invented, which allowed messages to be delivered over a long distance far faster than the letters although the telegrams allowed just short messages. In 1890 the telephone was invented and the radio in 1891. Both technologies are still in use today, although the modern versions are much more sophisticated than the old ones.

In the 1940s the first computer was created, followed by the first forms of internet. From there the use of technology increased rapidly over the years, having the first recognized social media site, Six Degrees, in 1997. This media site enabled users to upload a profile and make friends with other users. In 1999, the first blogging sites became popular, creating a social media sensation that’s still popular today.

After the invention of blogging, social media began to explode in popularity gained importance in the early 2000s, with sites that use to facilitate online photo sharing.

Social media began to explore in popularity with first sites like MySpace and LinkedIn.

YouTube was created in 2005 creating an entirely new way for people to communicate and share with each other across great distances.

By 2006 Facebook and Twitter both became available to users throughout the world. These sites remain some of the most popular social networks on the Internet. Other sites like Tumblr, Spotify, Foursquare and Pinterest began popping up to fill specific social networking slots.

Today, there is a tremendous variety of social networking sites, like the ones below and many of them can be linked to allow cross-posting, especially for business itself as they can regularly deal with the public in everyday life now operate social media profiles on platforms such as Facebook and/or twitter. They run competitions, write posts and communicate with other users; they can also promote their store or products connecting with everyday people and generate more business. Social media is also an excellent way for consumers to access information on products they wish to buy and see the reviews that other people have left for products.

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The socio- technical theory is a way to help business/ organizations to interact and approach a complex organizational work design recognizing the interaction between people and technology in workplaces. The term also refers to the interaction between society’s complex infrastructures and human behavior, considering not only the best system design, but also considers the best humanistic business process.

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Socio-technology theory can be applied across one business, or across multiple businesses. The key is that each department or business requires related data, involving the equipment required delivering system infrastructure, integration, information communications, applications and the principal staff business processes to deliver business objectives, and to understand how products or services are used by consumers.

We can see it everywhere; great examples are Wiki, blogs such as WordPress, which allows people to collaborate with each other, sharing ideas and information, having the interaction between businesses, structure, technology and its people, not relying only in information communication but also in application systems like HTML codes.

To summarize all this post, it’s my understanding that the link between social media, business and socio-technology is the quality of the interaction it creates among people across the globe with the aid of technology.

So and now… Where is social networking headed in the future?

Stay tune in the posts of ‘Living Freely in a social media world’ for more ideas.

Thanks for reading the blog:)


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